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Boat Damage Survey Report

If your boat suffers insurable damage the insurance company
may require an independent assessment of what occurred
and the resultant damage.


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Who Requies A Boat Damage Report?


Usually required by insurance companies to determine cause and extent of repairs required to a vessel as a result of:

  • Sinking

  • Collision

  • Weather Event

  • Groundings

Our Happy Customers

Vessel Check were great to deal with, we had a few boats we were looking at and they helped us nail it down and then guided us through the process of getting everything checked and approved – really happy

Kathrine Tessa

When you are spending the dollars on a nice boat, you want to make sure it’s safe. Matt was so patient with us and kept us up dated every step of the way.

Bruce Wayne

The team at Vessel Check were very thorough when it came to checking the boat, they picked up on a lot more than we were origionally told by the owner. When the results came back Matt told us about another boat and we ended up changing…so happy we did!

Jessica Jones

Additional Marine Survey Reports

Pre-purchase Inspection

These reports are to assess the a marine vessel to reassure the buyers that a boat is in a seaworthy condition and safe for purcahse. Boat reports are usually done electronically and we offer a same day turnaround if booked early. 

Insurance/ Valuation Report

These reports are to assess the vessel to reassure underwriters that a boat is in a condition that warrants the vessel being considered for insurance and the current market value.

How Can We Help You?

Get prompt responses from our friendly, professional and knowledgeable survey report team.

I have questions about a boat I want to purchase

If you are considering buying a boat you may be buying privately or through a broker/dealer. As a broker, I always recommend an independent inspection is carried out on the vessel. Not only will this report highlight any future issues you may have but it will also help to get insurance should you proceed with the sale.

My boat was damaged, what do I need to do?

If your boat is damaged contact your insurer straight away and start the claims process. Generally they will contact a surveyor/assessor to inspect the damage on their behalf however, If you would prefer to obtain an independent assessment of the circumstances and damage to your boat then please give us a call.

My Insurance company is asking for a vessel report

Ask the insurance company to send you a copy of the report they require and then contact us. We can walk you through the process and costs involved and then book a time to get access to the boat.

Fill out the form with any questions you have and we will be in touch shortly.

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