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Vessel Check are industry experts in this field, we offer a full comprehensive all in one survey report on your chosen boat for peace of mind.

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Matthew Willett has marine industry experience second to none. After a successful 10 year Naval career as a Navigator, many years working in a commercial capacity on the east coast, and an award winning business in sales Matthew spent a number of years formalising this experience with the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors to become qualified as a Marine Surveyor. With industry knowledge, Matthew has been part of hundreds of surveys in many different roles and there isn’t much he hasn’t seen.

20+ Years Of Expertise

At Vessel Check, we understand the relationship that needs to be managed between buyers and vendors and what goes into this process. It isn’t just about what works and doesn’t work but it is about the interested parties expectations around the vessel that is presented. We team with industry experts where required to provide an all-in-one, comprehensive, report that gives you peace of mind and is backed by a level of service that can only be developed over many years.

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  • Leading industry experience

  • Qualified staff

  • Online booking system

  • Same day easy to understand report

  • Availability post report to discuss concerns and issues

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